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5 Aug
  • The Vegetarian Society of Hawaii has an awesome lecture series they publish on Youtube. You can subscribe here

                1) Ten Dangerous Nutritional Myths


  • Food Matters is a great documentary to get the ball rolling for people who need motivation for major diet change. They have a free newsletter you can sign up for on their site that I follow. 

               Here is there blog which has some good articles. 



Sunday morning

7 Apr

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7 Apr

Bogota nights


13 Aug

this is a lil’ video clip of Alex from Sweden I shot when we were in Peru a few weeks ago


16 Jan

I’m using this public space to compile and archive the art projects I’ve been working on while living in South America as well as some of the artful things that influence my creative development.

While living in Buenos Aires I collected, photographed and documented  my strange encounters. Certainly the strangest was a series of findings that took place during a period of about 4 months.  At least once a week I found some random person’s xray laying in the street. I’ve collected almost 100 xrays from all different parts of the city.

I’ll post some of my favorites here.